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Panel types

GRC Betoncrete panels can be of the Shell, Stud-Frame or Sandwich type


Sealed Facade

Sealed Betoncrete GRC solutions have great advantages, both in terms of speed of execution and in terms of economy, without impairing the freedom of the Architect


Ventilated Facade

Used like stone cladding, GRC Betoncrete can be used with the same concept as stone cladding, however allowing greater freedom of shapes and dimensions, being able to take advantage of the reduced thicknesses



Rehabilitation is one of the areas where GRC Betoncrete can play an important role, whether technical rehabilitation or aesthetic rehabilitation.


Mixed Applications

One of the great advantages of GRC Betoncrete is its versatility of use, from façades, without a doubt the greatest use, to decorative elements, works of art, roofs, frames and furniture, among others. The possibilities of use are therefore the most diverse.As possibilidades de utilização são, pois, as mais diversas.

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