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about us

GRC solutions, from Betoncrete, have their origin in Glasscrete, a company located in Maia, which was born in 2005, with the sole purpose of producing and selling GRC.


The transition of know-how was straightforward because all of its material and human resources are part of the new company.


We are a family owned and operated business.


With the experience gained, we are perfectly aware of the needs and requirements of GRC as a product, and of its potential for use, which, sometimes, in large prefabrication companies, tends to be overlooked to the detriment of the large volumes of concrete production. .


As a fundamentally architectural product, the levels of quality are more decisive here, and it is in this orientation that we maintain an exclusive GRC production. It is also in this sense that we make our experience available to Architects, Engineers, Owners and Contractors, so that the GRC is not a replacement product, but an option from the design phase of the work, in order to use all the its potential for solutions in the architectural and cost fields

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